March 2020 – The Art of Negotiation and Affirmative Manipulation


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A Convergence of Effective Communication and Tactical Empathy


Do you want more control to affect the outcome of negotiations in your life, whether it be with business partners, co-workers, your significant other, or your children? The Art of Negotiation & Affirmative Manipulation will teach you skills to be able to positively influence these relationships and deftly maneuver through stressful situations.

You will learn how to quickly build rapport by utilizing affect labeling and mirroring. It will teach how to identify verbal and non-verbal communication cues that will give you valuable insight to your target audience’s main pathway of receiving new information so you can adjust your presentation to suit. Learn communication strategies to ensure your counterpart does not become defensive and begin to place barriers between you.

Weaving these skills together will allow you to create stronger relationships, communicate more effectively with a broader audience, and be able to influence a positive resolution to any negotiation situation you find yourself in.

Our special guest speaker, Ron Dye, Sgt, US Army (Ret), has cultivated his expertise over an extensive career, volunteerism, and teaching initiatives. You won’t want to miss this exciting event and once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a true master of negotiation and affirmative manipulation. We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!