April 2020 – The Art of Negotiation


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Everything in Life is a Negotiation

Everything in life is a negotiation. From crossing the street to ordering coffee. So join us for The Art of Negotiation workshop to improve your skills!

The Art of NegotiationAre you looking for better resolutions to disagreements with your significant other? How about conflict with a boss or co-worker? Raising teenagers is full of disagreements, how are those conversations going for you? We would like you to join us to learn more about the Art of Negotiation.

Our next workshop, the Art of Negotiation, will teach you skills to be able to positively influence these relationships and deftly maneuver through stressful situations.

You will learn how to quickly build rapport by using two key negotiation techniques; labeling and mirroring. These techniques will teach you how to identify verbal and non-verbal communication cues that will give you valuable insight into your listener’s main pathway of receiving new information. This will enable you to adjust your communication for greater impact.

In addition, you will learn communication strategies to ensure your counterpart does not become defensive and begin to place barriers between you. Can you imagine the positive impact this will have on every relationship in your life?

Ron Dye, Sgt, US Army (Ret)

The Art of NegotiationThese techniques are used by the US military, the FBI, and your local police department daily to influence difficult situations. Give yourself every advantage by learning the very valuable skill of The Art of Negotiation to influence a positive outcome in your life.

Weaving these skills together will allow you to create stronger relationships, communicate more effectively in all of your interactions, and be able to influence a positive resolution to any negotiation situation you find yourself in.

Our special guest speaker, Ron Dye, Sgt, US Army (Ret), has cultivated his expertise over an extensive career, volunteerism, and teaching initiatives. You won’t want to miss this exciting event and once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from a true master of the art of negotiation.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting event!

*Snacks, water, and coffee provided.

**Spots are limited to 10 attendees to keep the workshop small and focused so reserve your seat today!